Name, concept and 
design for a wine by
Alexander Gustafsson 
aka The Mauler
Alexander Gustafsson is a famous champion in MMA and his nickname on stage is The Mauler. 

The name of the wine, "Underground" came from the association with the underground clubs that has helped form the whole MMA-world. 

"There´s a secret place in the city where only inarguated can come. The entrance is an anomonys door where you only get in if you know the right people. This wine will, just like the underground fight clubs, give some spice to your life and has a sweet taste of forbidden fruit." 

The top of the bottle is created with the idea of ​​illustrating the city that is above the hidden fighting clubs that are housing underground. The label consists of an anonymous mysterious door and I went with a tough typography that looks somewhat worn and scarred to give the right feeling.
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