Who I am
A dreamer, adventurer and creator living in Stockholm but loves to travel the world. As a person I am curious, easy-going and goal-oriented. 

What I do
I am currently studying "Graphic design and advertising" at Forsbergs school 2020-2022. I think it´s fun to work conceptually, develop ideas and visualizations for a project. To then create an identity or a design is like bringing a personality to life. I love to work with branding, packaging
and illustrations. 

I have previously studied one year web development at Mittuniversitetet so I also have basic knowledge in coding. Prior to this I worked 10 years in logistics both as a courier and as a traffic dispatcher at a courier company. 

What I like
Enjoy hanging out with friends and family, being away in my van and discover new places, love magical sunsets, snowboarding, traveling far away to beautiful countries or just hang out at home.
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